Eastern Federal Corporation continuously looks for real estate investments.  Please direct all inquiries to jpage@easternfederal.com.

Asset Classes Investment Life Cycle
  • Acquisitions in retail, office or multi-family
  • Raw land for ground-up new developments in retail, office or multi-family
  • Prefer moderate risk projects
  • Land acquisition
  • Development projects
  • Income-generating assets
  • Distressed assets
  • First lien lending (including as a purchaser of existing bank loans)
  • Guaranty support
  • Mezzanine capital
  • Traditional Equity


Real Estate Investment
  • Prefer equity investments of $1 million to $10 million on an unlevered or pre-levered basis
  • Will consider smaller or larger sizes
  • Prefer control
  • Will consider co-lead or minority positions in any given investment
  • Will co-partner with experienced developers
  • Prefer Mid-Atlantic and Southeast
  • Will consider other markets